“70% less energy, 86% less water and 75% lower CO2 emissions to create 100% recycled fabrics

Henk Veldhuis, CEO of Texco Textiles: “We aim to ease our pressure on the planet, by giving our clients the choice of buying environmentally friendly curtains. Our new curtain collection, made of beautiful recycled textile qualities, is the first step in our ambition to phase out all virgin polyester fabrics.”

After an extensive co-creating process with textile innovator Waste2Wear®, Texco presents a curtain collection of five different qualities, from a brushed canvas to  linen looks in different weights, in approximate 80 colours. All textiles are made of 100% recycled plastic waste bottles, of which at least 20% is directly recovered from the Chinese coast lines by local fishermen.

Depending on the quality, for Texco’s standard curtain size a minimum of 45 to a maximum of 80 plastic waste bottles are needed to create the fabric. Recycled polyester curtains uses 70% less energy, 86% less water and have 75% lower CO2 emissions, compared to virgin polyester curtains.

Due to the use of blockchain technology we can give full transparency in the complete value chain of these fabrics. From collecting the plastic waste to the end-product, everything is fully traceable.

We invite you to be part of the solution.

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